More Photos of the Bioregion

When I started setting up this blog.  I knew we would need lots of nature photographs.  Luckily I had a few, but I knew my sister had more.  We may end up creating a Flickr pool or adopting an existing one.  In the mean time I got my sister to sort some of her photos so we could use them.

These photos are mostly from Vancouver Island in British Columbia where my sister has lived most of her life.  She definitely has photos of Washington and Oregon state as we make frequent visits for shopping, camping, or concerts, or even pro sports games.  Game five of the Stanley Cup is about to start.  I’ve stayed away from the crowds as I don’t want to spend any money, plus I have plenty of tasks that keep slipping, so what do I do?  I update this blog.

I’m also enjoying a Russell Brewing Black Death Porter. Craft beer is another thing that unites Cascadians and the folks behind this blog.

View from Tin Wis









2 Responses to “More Photos of the Bioregion”
  1. Sam McKay says:

    The photos are mainly Vancouver Island with one Washington State photo…. the top one is a sunset on McKenzie beach, followed by a west coast aerial shot taken from Tofino Air tour, then it’s the South end of McKenzie beach, the sea lions were taken on one of two eco tours either on the west coast out of Tofino with Jamie’s Whaling Station or on the east coast of Vancouver Island on an Eco tour organized by the Kingfisher Resort and Spa. Next is the beach with the mist which is 2nd beach on Mears Island a short distance from Opitsaht reserve. Next is the rocky islands/trees and water which is taken in Washington State near Neah Bay taken from Cape Flattery Trail. Next is a surfer at sunset from Chesties Beach in Tofino. Then Deep Bay Marina in winter and finally a sunset on Chesties.

    • muskie says:

      This blog seems to generate a disproportionate number of comments per page views. Maybe it is the content. Maybe it is because we used and a bunch of sensible tags and categories. Maybe because we keep posting pictures of nature. We’ll have to see how things go…

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