Beer and Entrepreneurship

Not the topics you thought we’d be blogging about, but both are very popular in Cascadia.  We like our local breweries and we’ve worked hard on growing our entrepreneurial ecosystem in the bioregion.  Don’t believe me, just look at these two posts that came across my Twitter or RSS feeds the last few days.

Longboat Chocoloate Porter by Phillips Brewery from Victoria BC

GrowLab is the latest, greatest accelerator in the Pacific Northwest.  They’ll accept entrants to their program from anywhere, but they are focusing on Vancouver and greater Cascadia.  They go right down the coast with strong connections to San Fran and Silicon Valley, important neighbors if not actually the Southern tip of Cascadia.  GrowLab is looking for their first cohort and they’ve been recruiting heavily online and throughout Cascadia.

There are many beer blogs in the Pacific Northwest, this isn’t one of them.  However they have noticed the rise of Cascadia, if not as a separatist movement then at least as a shared set of beliefs and passions such as beer and entrepreneurship.

To paraphrase Battlestar Galactica, filmed entirely in Cascadia, “This has all been blogged about before and it will all be blogged about again.”


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