The following people have made major contributions to this website, or at least threatened to:

Andrew “Muskie” McKay

Muskie Older photo of Andrew Muskie McKaywas born and raised in Cascadia, comes from original homesteader stock as well as tracing native ancestry through the Kuper Island tribe of indigenous peoples. He is an alumni of two prominent Cascadian post-secondary institutions, the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria.  He is most definitely looking for work.  He is the groups in-house WordPress expert as well as the resident skeptic.  Muskie has blogged way too much, including writing guest posts for: Welcome to Eastvan, the BC Beer Blog, and Greening the Inner-city.

There everyone needs to edit this page and write something similar.  Pictures are optional, you can link to whatever you want, but the rest of the time we try and keep things on topic and not use the blog as a personal soapbox as someone famously did with the Greening the Inner-city blog… 


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